Tuesday 23 February 2010

more free time more stress

People have more free time than ever.
But now people are more strest because they want to do more in the time they have.
Cooking becames a bother so people eat a lot of prefab food.
They go shopping for food when they are hungry so buy all the quick food.
But if you plan your shopping you can buy great produces and enjoy them.
Plann your cooking and make slow food ,make a stew or braise piece of beef slowly and you will find damm that taste good.
Make a big portion and freeze it you can enjoy for weeks to come.
It will not cut in your free time because it will simmer for hours you just have to check it .
Don t be afraid to chance something in a recepie they are a guide line they are not set in stone.
Everybody has different taste.

Friday 12 February 2010

do it simple but do it good

I live in Sweden now and they have a very strong Lunch culture.
It is normal that everybody eats a warm lunch.
The food is very traditional.
They use a lot of rootvegtables and they are so good, simple prepared.
Ovenroast, puree, fried.
It is funny in a lot of countrys in Europe rootvegtables are used as food for the animals.
People see down on them, not fancy .
Sweden has won a lot of prizes in food contests because they use the base tradtion but modernaise the dish and use producets like rootvegtables.
Cook simple food that is tasting great, then try to go fancy .
Look in the past there are lots of dishes that are forgotten but are very good.

So for the future look in the past.

Sunday 7 February 2010

design in food

I believe food is excating. You can do a lot with food.
But if you play with food you should respect it.
Design gets more and more important in food and forget that it also have to taste good.
I my self dont like when they start to design food only for the eye,it has to look nice but what does it do for the taste.
It is the trend to follow all the star restaurant and they like to make every sauce soup etc foamy.
They use alge and gelatine to make balls of sauce it looks nice but it does nothing for the taste
But this trend is old ell bullie did this in 90s' then it was new.
I find it does not happen often that a copy is beter than the original,so way everybody keeps copying anyway.
Find what you like and become good in it,and new is not always beter.
My self see the future in the past.

Friday 5 February 2010

fusion and danger of it

I my self, like food that is true to its nature.
Now a days there so many tv cooks, that people start to think it is glamours to be a cook.
And when they open a restaurant they fall all to often for a cook that has wild ideas about fusion cooking or when they cook them self they fall for the temptasion of the fusion kitchen.
It looks and sound exotic, but you have to know really your product and know the taste combination.
To often I see expensive product with fine taste being killed by the fusion idea.
a tender lamfilet coverted in a cocos curry sauce
a hailbut marinade with choclate and chille marinade
a vealcut with lemonchillie crusted and garlicsauce
They sound great but the expensive product have delicate flavour and they get killed by to powerfull spices or sauce.
It is waste .
Take a cheaper piece of meat or fish and maybe it will work out.

Wednesday 3 February 2010

food the beginning

Hello! I am working as a cook now for 26 years.
I have worked in different countrys in Europe and food in every country is very specific.
Every country believes they foodstyle is the best but every country is different in taste because location,culture,war,economice strenght and weather and temperture.
I believe traditionell food is more than just food, It tells a story.
Like a lot of the foods that are seen as special for that country or, a lot of time the leftovers from other foods
France: Boulliabaisse is a soup made of left over fishbones
Sweden: Pyttipanna is the left over potatoes and meat piece
Spain : Paella is the rest meat or fish with vegtables etc ,etc
But if you ask people what is specialy Spainish, People will say paella.
So start thinking about your countrys food......